"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing opportunity. I am so grateful my daughter and I have such a beautiful and safe place to live."

 - Sharon Pratt

"My apartment is lovely - it's a one bedroom with a loft which has a lovely view of the inner harbor. I can look out my upstairs loft window and see all the ships coming and going under the bridge. On my balcony, I have a beautiful view of St. Dominic's church. It was so nice to come back home to my old neighborhood where I lived for 65yrs. Casco Terrace was once the State Street garage and where I worked all through high school. It was owned by Dante Romano - he gave me my first job at 15 years old."  

 - Bill Curran

"As we age, apartment living becomes an excellent alternative to the responsibilities of home ownership. We are the beneficiaries of excellent services from the staff here at Casco Terrace." 

 - Robert Gibbons

"City officials say the state-financed project is the kind of development Portland needs to help stem suburban sprawl and provide affordable rental housing for its workforce. They also give it high marks for being attractive and practical, and making the most of an under-used lot with desirable views of the waterfront. Each apartment will have its own parking space in the existing garage, and several will have balconies, cathedral ceilings and/or bedroom lofts. "It's a project with a lot going for it," said Mark Adelson, Portland's director of housing and neighborhood services."

 - Portland Press Herald, May 26, 2003

"I'm not sure what I would have done this past winter with the rising cost of fuel.  There is no way I would have been able to afford that bill.  I also did not have to worry about the cost of water or plowing.  Plowing last winter would have cost me well over $200... Secured entry, fire safety features and an on-site laundromat are some of the many features that make the Squamscott Block a safe and comfortable place to live."

 - Barbara Pevear


Commenting on The Mill at Saco Falls.....


"I have been living here since November and I could not be any happier. I absolutely love to come home! The apartment is so nice. It has all modern appliances. My apartment overlooks the waterfall and river. It is so peaceful! I never hear the other tenants. The workout facility on the premises has great equipment. I haven't been able to afford a gym membership for so long and here, I am able to go right downstairs and work out! I have the laundry room right downstairs too, so I no longer have to go to a laundromat. I really never thought I would ever be able to live in a place as nice as this. I am so grateful. My whole outlook has changed. I am much happier than I have been in years!!!"

 - Lesley Tracy

"The project is absolutely magnificent. Beautiful setting, wonderful interiors, layouts and project amenities, and (my favorite) a rich sense of history and place..."

 - Ethan Boxer-Macomber, AICP, LEED AP

"Our  hearty congratulations to all of you for the remarkable revitalization of the former Laconia Mill in Biddeford! I was thrilled to be among the appreciative attendees who experienced the skillful rebirth of a historic mill now loaded with style, charm, and individuality. The residents are indeed fortunate, as is downtown Biddeford, for your extraordinary accomplishment."

 - Roxanne Eflin


    Maine Downtown Center

"Wanted to congratulate you and your development team again for a job well done at Saco Falls. It's a great addition to our housing stock and certainly raises the bar for rental property owners in the region."

 - Guy M. Gagnon

    Executive Director

    Biddeford Housing Authority