The following companies are affiliated in one or more aspects of their ownership or operation with The Szanton Company: common principals, property management services, collaborative planning, etc. Individually, the companies pursue growth in different segments of the real estate industry. Collectively, the companies represent decades of successful acquisition, development, and management of thousands of units of quality housing and millions of square feet of owned or managed commercial and industrial properties.

Monks O'Neil Development
Commercial and residential real estate development throughout New England.
One City Center, Portland, Maine

Saco Falls Management

A full service management company formed by The Szanton Company in 2013 to manage its residential rental properties.

482 Congress Street, Suite 203, Portland, Maine

Northland Enterprises, LLC
Development, acquisition and management of multi-family housing for both market rate and subsidized tenants; retail space; and office space. 
17 South Street, Portland, Maine

Eagle Point Enterprises
A national real estate development company focused exclusively on acquiring, renovating and preserving high quality, safe, affordable, multi-family housing properties.
125 John Roberts Road, South Portland, Maine

The Signal Group
Specializing in MAHRA (Multifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act of 1997), the company is nationally recognized as a leader in the review, analysis, financing and preservation of affordable housing.
125 John Roberts Road, South Portland, Maine